Paid Services

Хирургические-манипуляции для ин.гр-н Функциональная-диагностика для ин.гр-н Рентген для ин.гр-н стоматология ортопедия для ин.гр-н Прием-врачами-специалистами для ин.гр-н Офтальмология для ин.гр-н Общая-хирургия для ин.гр-н Иммунопрофилактика для ин.гр-н Анализы1 для ин.гр-н Акушерство-и-гинекология для ин.гр-нList of paid medical services are provided in KM "Maringorskaya CRH" Price list for foreign nationals • Massage performed with the aim of improving. • Drug Addiction (anonymous): -Treatment alcohol withdrawal -Treatment smoking -Medical examination for admission to work -osvidetelstvovanie to determine whether the use of alcohol, drugs, and for abuse drugs and intoxicants. • Setting or removing the IUD than social reasons. • Medical abortion survey and anesthesia, except for medical and social reasons. • All types of preventive examinations, except examinations carried out for medical reasons, and examinations of children, adolescents, pregnant women, the disabled, war veterans, the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, the unemployed, directed by public employment service training and professional development, preventive examinations employees of budget organizations and individuals sent for spa treatment. • Medical examination of citizens to obtain a permit for the purchase, storage, possession of arms and ammunition; for admission to the management of vehicles, small boats. • Provision of health and social care in the BSU. • Diagnostic activities carried out in the absence of medical indications (by request of the patient): - Laboratory Services - Endoscopic examinations - X-ray diagnostics - Functional diagnostics - Ultrasound diagnostics. • Consultations of medical specialists, in the absence of medical indications or without sending a therapist district. • Advisory, diagnostic and methodological assistance contracts with organizations regardless of ownership, including medical support health sporting events, mass cultural and social organizations. • Dental care, carried out at the request of citizens, including prosthetics, with the exception of the relevant services provided to persons under the laws of the Republic of Belarus for free. • Provide assistance dermatovenereologic anonymously. • Immunization at the request of the patient against infectious diseases not included in the calendar of immunization approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. • Audiometry. • Services - Trucking. • Medical services provided to foreign nationals. • Physiotherapy (oxygen cocktails). • Disinfection and disinfestational works (services) carried out by the statements of citizens (except for activities in the outbreak of infectious diseases). • Veloergometry and Holter monitoring. In KM "Maringorskaya CRH" paid services are available upon request of the patients. To do this, you must consult a doctor - a specialist for a referral to the appropriate type of service. Signing the contract for the provision of paid services and payment is made in cash Maringorskaya central district hospital (1st floor).   1154 1154 renders services for the sale of a specified list of medicines, medical products at prices (below market). Each department can buy medicines, both on weekdays and weekends. In the surgical department can buy synthetic polypropylene mesh, as well as other options for grids of monofilament sutures, implant is used in various surgical procedures. Grid allows to strengthen the muscle and connective tissue surface during operations associated with extensive dissection of tissues during surgical interventions, as well as operations related to treatment-induced changes in the tissues. Grid recommended, especially for plastics anterior abdominal wall in postoperative eventration and plastic hernial ring. By special forms of nets can be used in laparoscopy. Price for 1 piece mesh size is 15 * 15 341 550 BYR. Price for 1 piece mesh size is 30 * 30 523 200 BYR. 78678678